Andrew, Who?


Hello, and welcome!  My name is Andrew Walter and since you decided to click on this tab, I am going to take the opportunity to tell you a little about myself and what I do here at Saint Martin’s University.

I come from the frozen land of Fairbanks, Alaska

20150212_075618000_iOS(It’s not that bad…all the time).  I am a first-year student studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, and I am additionally studying Communications.  I run for SMU’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams, participating in hurdles and middle distance events.  I am the Business Manager and a writer for our student newspaper, The Belltower.  Finally, and the reason this site exists, I am a member of The SMU Social Squad.  Along with involvement with Twitter and staying active in the community to provide real time updates of school events, I will have this page to give further insight of my experiences here and my growth as a community member and adult.

I enjoy being involved on campus and I greatly value the friends I have here as they are my strength after a hard day of classes and practice.  Aside from track, I am a huge baseball and hockey fan, and I closely follow my St. Louis Cardinals and Blues.  I enjoy skiing when the winter weather in Fairbanks decides to be nice and not forty degrees below zero.  I have found that I fit right in with the #PNW lifestyle with a coffee in my hand (I like mocha’s if you ever want to bring me one).  I have been doing my best in exploring Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma, Portland, and Seattle,20151004_190215000_iOSalong with wherever track may bring me such as Pullman for the WSU meet.  I try to live my life with a very positive attitude and I am able stay calm through the storms of life, taking each day for everything that it can become.

This is just a quick glimpse of who I am, and I hope you’ll stay with me to learn more about myself and what Saint Martin’s has to offer you!



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